Modernising Belconnen High School

Client: ACT Government - Infrastructure Finance and Capitol Works
Location: Australian Capital Territory
Project: Design development and refurbishment of existing school
Completion Date: January 2019
Completion Time: 18 Months
Value: $19 Million

The Modernising Belconnen High School project involves the design development and refurbishment of the existing two story High School, main building, back building and hall. The school will undergo a complete refurbishment, creating additional teaching spaces, open learning areas and the ability to modify learning areas based on daily curriculum requirements. Upon completion of the refurbishment, Belconnen High School will become a modern 21st century learning environment, which encourages excellence, collaboration, imagination, creativity, and learning. It will further be fit for purpose, to successfully cater for 600 educators and students, and further support the growing need of accessible community venues for use out of school operating hours. In order to ensure the school remains operational, Icon has carefully planned and coordinated a construction sequence, where the works are undertaken in four stages.

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