Nick Gannon

Why did you decide to join the construction industry?

Having an interest in the built environment growing up and wanting to study engineering from an early age made the decision to venture into the construction industry an easy one. Although the interest in the built environment was there, one of the key influences was the ability to be involved in a project and see the end product come to fruition, and at the end, look back and say “I was part of that”.

Why did you choose to join Icon?

One of the main reasons I chose to join Icon was the cadet programme that had been implemented into the company. The programme is like no other in the industry. It leads cadets through each phase of projects over a 3-4-year basis gaining exposure to preconstruction phase right through to defect rectification and handover. However, it also includes modules such as safety, design coordination and onsite modules (structure, services, finishes etc.). What makes it beneficial is the programme is developed and monitored by senior management which ensures cadets / graduates are not stagnant with their progression in their career.

What other Projects have you worked on?

Estimating & Lindfield Village

What things have you really enjoyed doing at work?

The most enjoyable part has been working with and learning from a wide array of individuals who are experts at what they do. I have learned how to wear different hats in different roles as well as how to work and communicate with a variety of people. I am now confident in liaising with anyone ranging from authorities, consultants, through to subcontractors, both in a commercial, site management or design coordination capacity.

What are some of the challenges that you have faced on site?

We all face the issue of completing tasks when required and managing our workload to ensure we don’t get bogged down. The construction industry is a highly demanding industry and requires early starts, late finishes and working weekends, of which new starters will adapt to with ease, however Icon have means in place to ensure that a healthy work life balance is achieved. The implementation of an internal social club and additional 2 days to use as “work life balance days” are examples of Icon’s commitment to their understanding of work life balance.

Can you describe some of the key things that you have learned since you joined the company?

Since joining Icon in 2016, the cadet programme has given me exposure to all stages of the construction process, which has allowed me to understand how a project can change from a conceptual idea, through design development and finally into a tangible product. I have been involved in pre-construction and estimating, procurement and trade-letting and site coordination, and have witnessed the importance each of these key activities play in the entire process.

How would you describe the team environment?

Depending on the type and length of project you are on, a project team would spend months or years together which quiet literally makes it feel like you see your team more than your family. However, when you have a team that is determined to deliver a project on time and of high quality, it makes the environment a positive and productive space making it enjoyable and motivating to arrive to work every day.

What makes you proud to work at Icon?

There are a variety of reasons that make me proud to work at Icon.  One of the main reasons is the focus and determination that is driven into the Icon culture to deliver a high-quality project for all stakeholders including the client and the end users. Being directly involved in the handover stage of a project, having owners appreciate the works and quality product that have been completed makes all the long hours and hard work worth it.

What advice would you give to new Graduates or Cadets joining the team?

If I was to give any new graduates or cadets advice before joining the team it would be to take everything in your stride, ask questions, try and get involved as much as you can to gain exposure. There are individuals available in this industry who are willing to teach and guide you.

What do you do in your spare time?

Most of my free time is spent either relaxing with mates or spending time with family and pets. I like to do things that take my mind of work and refresh after a busy day or week.