Luxury Construction Milestone: Completing Riverside Retreats

June 19, 2024

The Western Australia team at Icon achieved the practical completion for the Hillway and Rivean residences, epitomising the epitome of luxury riverside living.


Nestled in Perth’s coveted riverside locales, these Blueways developments redefine luxury. Hillway presents a unique 5-storey boutique complex featuring 9 expansive apartments, including an exclusive unit with a private swimming pool. Rivean elevates the standard with its 2 and 3 bedroom apartments spread over 6 floors, showcasing an exterior that harmonises with nature through the integration of raw and authentic materials.


This project’s success is attributed to a distinguished team known for their dedication to excellence, sustainability, and contemporary design. Icon’s collaboration with Giorgi, Pritchard Francis, Aria Projects, and TESG has been instrumental in transforming these visions of riverside opulence into tangible realities.


We extend our heartfelt congratulations and gratitude to Blueways, and the comprehensive project team, encompassing our subcontractors and consultants, for their unwavering commitment and perseverance under challenging circumstances. We eagerly anticipate the arrival of future residents into these sanctuaries of luxury and convenience, setting new benchmarks in luxury construction.


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