Barpa Construction Company

At Icon, we are not only passionate about delivering unmatched construction services, but also
supporting and implementing valuable societal change. In efforts to support the Indigenous community
across Australia, we have formed a thriving partnership with the Federation of Victorian Traditional

Owner Corporation, and created ‘Barpa’ – a standalone, majority Indigenous owned and operated
construction company.

What are Barpa Construction Services?

Barpa has grown to become a model for Indigenous entrepreneurship, empowerment and business. It continues to build on the strengths of the two entities to offer an Indigenous solution for capital works projects and construction services. The company represents a synergy between the oldest continuous culture in the world and the oldest construction company in Australia. With offices located across Australia, Barpa has national coverage, offering a full construction capability that includes experience delivering in regional and remote locations. Barpa’s goal is to use the opportunities available in the construction industry to create a platform that enables investment in Indigenous programmes and initiatives as driven by the priorities of our community of Indigenous owners.

Why Choose Barpa Construction Services?

Barpa construction services have been utilised across a variety of Australian projects, including manufacturing facilities, commercial buildings, Australia Defence bases, hospitals and education sites. Our approach is centred on empowering a positive change for Australia’s first people through the delivery of professional and innovative services. This is done by:

  • Confirming Traditional Owner engagement before & throughout projects
  • Ensuring opportunities for both new employment and career development
  • Maximising the input of the Indigenous business sector throughout our delivery, such as pursuing and hiring Indigenous trade contractors
  • Sponsoring and volunteering in various Indigenous events and communities, such as sports teams and community projects

By working with Barpa for the construction services on your next project, you will have access to a range of benefits, including:

  • Professional and experienced construction teams offering timely delivery
  • Meeting Indigenous procurement targets through engaging with a Supply Nation certified company
  • Providing both structured training and secured employment for those in the Indigenous community
  • Partnering with an organisation that holds strong corporate governance

Barpa is committed to empowering Indigenous people and businesses through building Australian Infrastructure.


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