Currently Under Construction – Treasury Building Base Building Refurbishment

Client: The Department of Finance
Location: Australian Capital Territory
Project: Treasury Building Base Building Refurbishment
Completion Date: September 2021
Completion Time: 48 Months
Value: $20 Million

The Treasury Building Base Build Refurbishment (TBBBR) requires Icon to deliver base building upgrades across eight operational levels to increase amenity and enhance overall appearance.

All works are being carried out within a secure building, requiring staff and contractors to hold security clearances and/or be escorted at all times whilst completing works.

Located within the Parliamentary Triangle - a high profile sensitive area of our National Capital, adds an additional level of complexity, incorporating the National Capital Authority (NCA) as a key stakeholder.

The key project scope elements include:
▪ Electrical Upgrades;
▪ Fire Upgrades;
▪ Hydraulic Upgrades;
▪ Mechanical Upgrades;
▪ Vertical Transportation Upgrades;
▪ HAZMAT Remediation;
▪ Base Building Fitout Upgrades;
▪ End of Trip Facilities Upgrades;
▪ Upgrade Physical Security; and
▪ Upgrade Southern Podium.

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